Failing in Love – Available worldwide on Amazon


Failing in love book - Juliette Sweeney


When you’re surrounded by so many shallow examples of love, it’s no wonder that our understanding of true love can turn out to be the furthest from the truth! Even in the right context, the smallest expressions of raw love are so often taken for granted. Take away the fluff of fancy gifts (as meaningful as they may be), and you’ll often find a surprising amount of value in what is left behind…

This book is for those who are working to better themselves and improve their quality of life and love. Rather than seeing failure as the end, you will be encouraged to use it as a platform to learn those valuable lessons that will help you to experience love as it should be shared.

At less than 60 pages, this book is a short read to suit even the busiest of people. It is packed with practical pointers to take away and try out for yourself. Each chapter ends with an interactive section including some personal questions that are designed to get you thinking. It’s about time you made those changes that you more than deserve for you to live your best life! If you’re searching for an honest, engaging book that will encourage you to think differently, then this book is for you.